Oh yeah, a blog…

Things have been quite hectic in RL recently – and by ‘hectic’, think ‘sweet baby Jesus, I wish I could pod my colleagues’ – so I haven’t really done much that’s interesting in EVE. Mostly, I get back from work after eleven hours of chaos, log on, say hi to people, think about doing something other than grinding L3 missions, decide that doing something other than grinding L3 missions would require a degree of brainpower I do not currently possess, accept a kill mission, warp in to the mission site, and spend a while blinking at the screen all “huh. Red crosses. I should do something with the red crosses. Do I orbit that one? No. Wait. Orbit <i>that</i> one, then guns on him, missiles on the frigates, send drones after the frigates… right?”, by which time my shields are gone and I’m half into armour. By this point I think even the Angel Cartel is feeling sort of sorry for me.

I did take a suicide shuttle run to nullsec with a friend, though, and that was awesome. We died! It was fun!

Currently my mining alt is sat in a station training up skills. She can fly a Mackinaw and a Hulk right now, but she’s not getting either until Hulkageddon is long long over, by which time I might even be able to afford one. My main is still in a Hurricane (I wub my Hurricane), and actually could afford a battleship at this point, but meh… I get the impression L4 missions would kill me very fast and very painfully right now, especially since I can hardly stay awake long enough to finish the longer L3s. Soon, though! Soon!


3 Responses to “Oh yeah, a blog…”

  1. June 27, 2010 at 5:09 pm

    Will all be over soon, then there can be many more shuttle trips to nulsec. You never know, we may even make friends there. (tries not to die laughing)

  2. 2 hellscure
    June 29, 2010 at 10:21 am

    One day you’ll move down to low sec, and after a while just get used to living there.
    Hi sec… just sjopping trips:) Null sec – everyday struggle :)

  3. July 9, 2010 at 3:03 pm

    I’ve just seen your blog, how long have you been playing? You seem to be following the same route I was on just a few months ago. Where are you running missions, maybe we can join up sometime, I love having people along for missions, even if they cant do much and I split the reward, its more rewarding to fly with someone.

    If you are interested, add me to your contacts list (the name I listed is my ingame name) and eve mail me with what server times you are on. (or your local time with your timezone listed) (i removed my cspa charge so the eve mail will be free)

    also check out my blog The Thinker’s Pod and i am adding you to my blog list

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