The trouble with courier missions

I’ve been spending a bit of time playing my pretty-much-zero-skills-but-dammit-she-has-a-Bestower hauler character recently, trying to get enough standing with one of the bigger corporations to get level 4 courier missions. Courier missions are fairly boring, with the advantage that you can do them semi-afk while reading a book, and the lower-level ones don’t pay very well in either LP or isk, but they are alas a necessary evil, because otherwise the L4 agents just don’t trust you with those 250 units of Frozen Seeds.

There are advantages to courier missions. They’re good money, standing and LP for low-skilled characters; since they’re shorter they speed up the frequency of getting storyline missions, which are good things; they’re fairly low-stress, if you need a break from blowing things up.

And they also have problems. To wit:

1) Any time you mention grinding courier missions this way with the ultimate goal of even more courier missions, there will be someone responding with “omg why would you do that just get the alt some decent implants and transfer a few hundred million isk to her and get her in battleships and start doing L4 kill missions tomorrow!”, which would I’m sure be a great plan if it was remotely feasible, but alas it is not. My main character isn’t even in battleships yet, and won’t be until she’s flying battlecruisers pretty damn well first. Also also: when everything I’ve been doing on my main character recently has involved shooting, it’s sort of nice to do the kind of gameplay that lets you read a book. Can you do L4 kill missions while reading a book? No, no you cannot. And you also cannot navigate via trackpad with your toes, a subject on which I am pleased to report moderate success during courier missions.

2) They’re, uh, sort of boring. A little bit. Well, a moderate bit. Well… yes.

3) You can’t guarantee that a given agent will give you a courier mission. You can pick the category of agent that gives a high percentage of courier missions, and you can cross your fingers, but it is written in the stars that any time you find a high-quality agent and really need just that little bit more LP, you’ll get assigned a kill mission followed by another kill mission followed by, when you come back in four hours so you don’t lose standing by declining too frequently, that sodding banidine mining mission.

4) (Real actual screenshot, seriously.) Look what they did to this agent:




2 Responses to “The trouble with courier missions”

  1. 1 hellscure
    June 22, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    cmon – write smthing new :)

  2. June 26, 2010 at 1:37 am

    I am also anxiously awaiting a new post – this blog caught my attention. =)

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