Live events

So, CCP is doing this thing where huge big battles happen between NPCs and everyone who wants to join in, tied in to the in-game backstories of various factions warring with each other. At the moment, these events feature the Sansha – creepy zombie slave people – arriving in huge fleets to abduct people from planets. If you’re around, and you can fight, and you feel like responding to the calls posted in Local begging people to come and help, there’s a big, big battle waiting for you.

(I realise there that I said the live events are just about combat, which I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing is true because what else would they do? ‘Sansha invade Jita 4-4 and lower everyone’s buy orders by 0.04 isk!”)

Anyway, I wasn’t anywhere near the first few, and didn’t hear about them until long after they were over. But today, I was out doing courier missions with my hauler alt in Caldari space when someone in corp chat said something about a live event possibly happening in Halaima, five jumps away.

On the one hand: this is my hauler alt, with minimal skills, who can just about fly a cheap, poorly-fitted frigate, and rumour has it that live events include multiple battleships. Heading out there if there was a live event going on would, no doubt, be suicide.

On the other hand: oh come on, like I’m going to pass up the chance to see this.

I switched the hauler for a frigate and headed over to Halaima. Nothing obvious at the gate, nothing in local right then to indicate whether or not anything big was happening. Hmm. Sansha abduct people from planets, right? So if they’re here, they’ll be at a planet, right? It doesn’t take long to check every planet in a system, so I warped to Halaima I… and saw this:


Well hey there, Sansha!

By my (pretty hasty) reckoning, there were about 50 Sansha battleships on the field plus other smaller ships, maybe 20-odd players, and a lot of wrecks. Local was now going crazy – ‘official’ Sansha communications describing ‘115,000 souls liberated’, people roleplaying Sansha and furious victims, players typing “ASSIMILATE THIS” as they opened fire.

The Sansha were mostly flying Nightmares, a creepily fitting choice:


Of course, any one of them could probably take out my little frigate with a single shot, but I gambled on them being tied up with targeting the players in bigger ships and headed in regardless:


More people were arriving now (at least one of them typing ‘LLLEEEEEEERRRROOOOOOOYY JENKINS!!!!!” in Local as they warped in), and the Sansha battleships were taking a battering. I got down to structure, warped off to a station with my engines on fire, repaired the ship and immediately warped back. There are actually advantages to being in a little fast frigate, and the main one in this kind of situation is this: if you manage to get right up close to one of the big huge scary enemy battleships, and you get into a close orbit,  and you’ve got your afterburner running so you’re going pretty quick, then even when they are shooting at you, they’ll rarely be able to hit you often or effectively enough to cause much damage. Triumph! I joined in on several Sansha battleship kills that way.

As the number of players got greater, the number of Sansha ships started decreasing faster and faster as they exploded in a satisfying fiery boom. Soon we were down to six left… then four… two… one… and the field was clear. Congratulations! Cheering! For about four seconds, until the second wave of 50-odd Sansha battleships showed up.

And then CONCORD arrived in a huge fleet, and the Sansha vanished.

This is what the battlefield looked like right after that:


Every little triangle is a wreck, full of precious, precious salvage and loot. You have never seen a formerly unified force turn on each other as quickly as ours did in the next three seconds. Blue wrecks are abandoned and free for the taking; yellow wrecks belong to somebody, and stealing from one of those means the rightful owner is allowed to kill you without CONCORD intervention, and the more that happened the more wrecks there were, and on, and on, to the point of madness. I made about seven trips back-and-forth to one of the Halaima stations, grabbing what I could from blue wrecks and zooming back to the docking bay to drop it off.

Four million isk of loot, and one hell of a lot of fun.


2 Responses to “Live events”

  1. 1 paritybit
    May 19, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    There are typically one or more “pod pilots” — that is, a developer or CCP employee playing the part of a character — flying a ship that will actually yield a killmail and a pod, which can also be popped.

    The low-sec events feature capital ships as well; but there, you are just as likely to die to another player who wants to stop you from going to the event as you are to die to an NPC or CCP controlled pod pilot.

    And, there is a public intelligence channel (well, two — one is in-character and one out-of-character): SynePublic (in-character) and Live Events (out-of-character); if you monitor these channels you will have pretty close to instant notification of the events — if you’re interested.

  2. May 19, 2010 at 10:50 pm

    *grump* and I’m stuck in a station. I was thinking of making an alt to bankroll Shona. Make her a miner or something.

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