Some screenshots

It might be true that EVE is just a nice GUI on a spreadsheet, but on the plus side, at least it’s a nice GUI on a spreadsheet. I’m playing with graphics turned way down at the moment to reduce the odds of the client crashing during big fleet ops (nothing like waking up all alone in a system full of hostiles and frantically sprinting for a safespot while typing “fleet reinvite please? also, um, guys, um… where the hell are you?” in squad chat), so here’s a few screen captures from before that.

Warping to a stargate on the way to a mission. You’d think that after seeing this multiple times a day, you’d get tired of the warp visual effects, but, nope.

Stabber, tech 1 Minmatar cruiser, at a planet. Stabbers are really agile and great fun to fly, and even though I’ve given up on them in favour of the (slower, tougher, uglier) Rupture, I still find myself wistfully trying to fit as many speed and agility mods to the Rupture as I can just for old times’ sake.

Speaking of Ruptures, here’s mine on the left, facing down a friend’s Rifter (T1 Minmatar frigate, much loved). I love flying Minmatar, but it cannot be denied that they build ships by stapling four shotguns to a rusty lawnmower and throwing it into space. There are asteroids in this game that look more graceful than the Rupture.

Sometimes the game gives you nice reminders that this galaxy really is inhabited. Here’s the night side of a planet, showing city lights.

Grabbed this while passing through Hek, my friendly local trade hub. Spaceship drama of some sort; probably war-related, since CONCORD never showed up. Whoever lives in that tower on the top of Boundless Creation station must get some fantastic views of stuff blowing up on a regular basis.

Rogue drones are amazingly creepy things. Its little legs were moving as it flew, as well.

Making stuff go boom during a mission.

A wartime fleet heading out to find some fun. This is either the fleet that went out to nullsec and zoomed around sightseeing (“Is it just me or does space actually start looking more evil the closer you get to 0.0?”) or the one that got as far as Hek before getting slaughtered, but hey! Both were learning experiences.


1 Response to “Some screenshots”

  1. 1 JS
    May 16, 2010 at 11:59 pm

    Great blog, wonderful writing style :)

    I spent a few months in E-Uni not too long ago myself, it’s endlessly entertaining to see someone put words to an experience that sounds quite similar to my own.

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