On the other hand, if you *do* take an army to Rancer…

Eve Uni got wardecced last week, for the first time in a while. Cue the clamouring warcries of hundreds of bloodthirsty new pilots rushing off to fit their cheap PvP ships, because everyone’s allowed out on fleet ops and many of us like to make stuff go boom.

Since everyone’s welcome, uni fleets tend to be pretty big. The first fleet that formed immediately after the war went live got so big that the FC closed it without being able to take everyone, and many of us were left in stations, to wave handkerchiefs from windows at the departing fleet and glumly polish our autocannons. It wasn’t long, though, before another fleet formed up, and with lots of “*\o/* REJECT FLEET REPRESENT!” we headed out to find some fun.

I’m not entirely sure how the next bit played out, but it went something roughly like this:

1) Fleet #1 tries to find war targets. War targets do not want to play.
2) Fleet #1 gets bored of waiting around stations for war targets to undock, heads out to lowsec to see if any pirates want to fight.
3) Pirates – specifically, the pirates who smartbomb defenceless shuttles, w0e – decide to lie in wait for Fleet #1 along the way, and massacre them with a big battleship gatecamp.
4) Fleet #1 jumps into system.
5) Pirates jump on Fleet #1.
6) Fleet #2, arriving just in the nick of time, jumps on pirates.
7) This happens.

Best first fleet experience ever.


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