This week in Local

I never used to pay much attention to local chat. I had it in the same window as every other chat channel, for one thing, and it seemed to alternate between silence and angry people yelling at each other, so mostly I just left it alone.

Since spending more time in lowsec, and finding out (the hard way, NOBODY TALK ABOUT THAT FIT ALL RIGHT I TOTALLY HAD A PLAN THERE) why it’s a good idea to keep local in its own window so you know exactly who else is in the system with you, I’ve come round to thinking that local might have its moments.

There are the reactions you get to the arrival of a huge Eve Uni (Ivy League) fleet:

“holy blobbalicious”

And the reactions you get to being a lone member in a shuttle, heading through lowsec to pick up some goodies:

“\o/ Ivy League, how many are behind you, 20ish?”

There are the conversations you only catch a glimpse of:
“*even more generalised response to generalised smack talk… with an American accent*”
And the ones you’re lucky enough to see all the way through:

Pilot 1: anyone in E Uni want to let us know where the fun is happening? or is it super secret
Pilot 1: wouldnt want to blow up your battle plans, etc
Pilot 2: This war is like Visa or American Express.  It’s everywhere you want to be.
Pilot 1: hm. i must have a mastercard then
Pilot 1: cause it aint here
Pilot 2: We do Mastercard too.  Leyla just found that out:   1 Month Eve Subscription, 15 dollars.  1 Tech 2 fitted rifter, 8.3 mil isk.   Getting blown up by a fleet of “newbies”:  Priceless.

And finally, among the constant rain of contract and double-your-isk scams that litter up local in the trade hubs, some still stand out – the ones that didn’t work:

Pilot 1: [Hulk+Fittings]
Pilot 2: nice scam
Pilot 3: Kind of missing the hulk there aren’t you?
Pilot 3: Don’t even have a ship, suppose I could get into my space suit and hold the mining lasers…

And the ones that really should have done (Jita local, but of course):



1 Response to “This week in Local”

  1. May 10, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    Then there’s wormhole space where you don’t speak unless you want EVERYONE to know you’re in local. There the D-scan window replaces the local window. The first week transitioning back to k-space can be rather nerve-racking since there’s WAY TOO MUCH STUFF *AHHHHHHHH* to keep track of in k-space high sec.

    Oh and the only comments on the fits: 1) Scythe (has a mining bonus) and 2) Investigate Dual 180’s with tracking enhancers and a tracking computer if you want to go for frigates (also the Bellicose may be a better anti-frigate platform due to it’s 40m³ drone bay – not to mention cheaper).

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