EVE is big

One of the best things about this game is, undoubtedly, that it’s huge. This hugeness can be measured in many ways – complexity, possibilities, the sure and certain knowledge that you’ll never, ever learn everything there is to learn in this game, not if you play it for twenty years – but for me, it’s the sheer size of the galaxy that sums it up.

To illustrate, here’s my current map showing the solar systems I’ve visited in the game so far. Red/yellow/orange dots indicate systems I’ve visited; little white pinpricks indicate systems I haven’t seen yet.

Eve is big, 1

You can see that Metropolis, my current region, is where I’ve spent most of my time, but I’ve also been to quite a few places in Heimatar (in the lower right part of the map) and taken a couple of excursions through Sinq Laison to Everyshore (centre left). And there’s also a few areas towards the bottom of the map there that I’ve never been to at all, and that’s quite lot of black space showing that even in the regions where I’ve spent a lot of time, I still haven’t visited anywhere near every system. And that’s, what, maybe a hundred visited systems there? A lot, with a lot still to go.

Okay? Okay. Now, let’s zoom out.

Eve is big, 2

Suddenly there’s a whole lot more space there, space that I not only haven’t visited but that haven’t even gone near. Places with names like ‘City of God’ and ‘Great Wildlands’ and ‘Point of No Return’. Things are happening out there, even as I’m typing, because EVE players aren’t split into different shards on different servers; everyone’s in the same universe as everyone else. Newbies are getting started out there, pirates are ransoming people’s ships, huge corporations are bracing themselves for expansions and wars; I picked up some gossip in Local last night about somebody recently seeing a fleet from one of the biggest corporations on the move, many many jumps away from anywhere I’ve ever been. And all this affects me, as it affects everyone else in the game. Trade routes get disrupted, mineral prices change, markets jump and fall again. It’s all out there.

Okay? Okay. Now, let’s zoom out again.

Eve is big, 3

EVE is big.


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